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Surely, you love pornography in Spanish and that’s why you’ve fallen here, in the category where the fat guy has made sexual disasters with all the girls who cross his path, the great Torbe.

Putalocura is one of the producers that has dedicated itself to making hot xxx videos for adults that really stand out in all the xxx websites. But, in most of the videos (if not all), the real fucker is the fat Torbe, who with his way of fucking and his huge cock, satiate anyone. For that reason, this industry has been very recognized throughout the years and not only in Spain, but at international level.

Fucking madness and its shocking pornographic series

This wonderful producer has made many shocking series throughout its history in the world of pornography with Torbe. These series are the following:

– Pilladas de Torbe: It doesn’t matter how many more series you get, this is the best known by lovers of the porn industry. Basically, what Torbe does here is go down the street and convince the girls to let themselves be penetrated intensely by him. It doesn’t matter if you have to give them a little money, but the penetration must go.
– Couples: In this sub-category Torbe delights in some hot couples who simply decide to earn a few euros by fucking in front of our fat guy’s camera. Sometimes, he places the camera in a part of the room and joins the sex to make a hot trio.
– Bukkake: All men like to throw semen in the faces of their women. So, it doesn’t matter if Torbe caught is much better known, just having semen in a whore’s body is enough to feel complete satisfaction and that’s what Putalocura likes.
– Father Damien: Although caught Torbe is one of the most visited sub-categories, the fat fucker became known by this section. Here, he plays the role of priest and ends up fucking all the hottest dogs on the web, giving them his blessing.

We assure you that any of the Torbe videos that you play, will be able to satisfy you to the maximum, because there is not one that does not offer you an excellent quality and a great professionalism in each scene.

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